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georgia the country

Most of the world calls this place Georgia, just like one of the states in the USA, so sometimes people are confused. There are some controversial legends on the etymology of this name.

Some consider that it is derived from St. George, the patron of this country, others think it originated from Georgi – the Greek name of agricultural tribes. However, locals call themselves Kartveli and their country – Sakartvelo.

Ok, not the USA, but where?

Georgia is a small country with only 3.7 million in population, it is located directly on the crossroad of Europe and Asia, just between Russia and Turkey.

Georgia is surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea. The southern border is shared with Armenia and Azerbaijan. Its territory is slightly less than 70,000 km2 (43,000 miles).

Georgia, with its diverse landscape, is located mostly in the subtropical climate zone. It means that the country’s west is humid and hot, while the east is more dry, however, the temperature is highly dependent on elevation.

Lowland has some rainforests and swamps as well as a beautiful coastline of approximately the same length as in Suriname, Guinea, Bulgaria, and Cambodia. At the same time, it is a very mountainous country with the highest peaks above 5,000 meters.

Such a variety of microclimates is the reason of Georgia’s amazing biodiversity and natural sightseeing all around the year.

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