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— Authentic, Georgian.

Says Mom, as she examines the familiar bottle (must-have at every celebration).

A huge Christmas tree is draped in tinsel.

You untangle the garland, checking each bulb to ensure it's screwed tightly (miss one, and the whole string won't light up).


December 31. Snowflakes outside and the familiar backyard. How is it out there?

Exciting, dear, and warm celebration -

like a genie in a bottle - lives in the red semi-sweet wine from Georgia.

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The natural fruity sweetness of that wine traveled half the Earth to bring you back to the crisp and pure moments of New Year's magic

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Give it to Mom and Dad

- Mom and Dad would surely recall that taste and the shape of snowflakes on your Soviet garland.

Bring it to friends' gatherings

-  it's not just wine! it's a shared, universally familiar memory.

Perfect for loud laughter, intimate conversations about the important things, and the company of the "best."


Perfect for disappearing for an evening from deadlines, bills, papers, afterschool activities for kids, and business meetings. Return the next day refreshed - nothing changes, but everything feels new.

Wine, matured in the historical winery of Kakheti. It stands out as a well-known companion, instantly recognizable and distinguished from anything else.

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This wine is favored by the same gods who adore Lambrusco.


Saperavi vine thrives in the Kindzmarauli region - on the southern slope of the Caucasus Mountains. It's crafted naturally sweet, brightly, elegantly, and structured, without distracting or excessive notes.


In the mountainous region of Racha Lechkhumi, it's cold, so the high sugar-content grapes don't ferment completely - leaving natural sugar in the wine. Khvanchkara is the wine that pioneered the creation of naturally semi-sweet wines.

A kind of legend that every gourmet must try.

Two grape varieties - Aleksandrouli and Mudzhuretuli.


Time to head

into your best New Year

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