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Silicon Valley offices or the vineyards in Georgia? Downtown skyscrapers or quiet cosy home?


A history book, popular science podcast, or embarking on a journey with a glass of fine wine?

Opening the first bottle of this wine set, you'll embark on a journey through Georgia, the homeland of wine. 

Tasting set, journey set, time-leap set.

Perfect for hedonism in the company of friends on Christmas Eve.

Three wines. Two technologies:

Traditional Georgian method of winemaking in clay vessels buried underground

Classic European method in oak barrels

Take a sip, and you'll find yourself there

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— orange (amber) dry wine from qvevri

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With gentle moves, the master shapes the Qvevri — a huge, person-sized clay vessel for aging wine. It's meditation, art, and the poetry of Georgian craftsmanship. This vessel will give birth to wine.

Buried underground in the marani cellar, the underground coolness maintains the perfect temperature, spontaneous fermentation, skin maceration, and wild yeast.

Technology gives the wine its life, and the master stirs the must constantly to ensure the fermentation process. No one performs such labor with more reverence than Georgian winemakers.

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The bottle then travels half the globe to your doorstep, bringing you dry amber wine - incredibly fruity, and aromatic.


The traditional Georgian method of winemaking, Qvevri, is a UNESCO cultural heritage site. Our winery Koncho&Co has been making wine in Qvevri since 1737, preserving the original technology.


— dry red wine from qvevri 

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This is Kakheti. Saperavi vines have been here for over 65 years. Koncho&Co winemakers handpick grapes while the master crafts qvevris — no more than 8 per month.

The wine matures in qvevri for six months, then spends another six months in oak barrels before reaching you.

Beautiful ruby color with a burgundy hue, a complex aroma with hints of black mulberry and cherry. Soft tannins, gentle acidity.

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Now it's in your glass, and the first sip will envelop you in a pleasant, long-awaited, healing warmth.

The taste will be familiar if you love "Zinfandel" and "Grenache."


— red dry wine, European method.

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15 months in French oak barrels for a taste and aroma richer than any billionaire. Kvareli is made from Saperavi grapes, handpicked and fermented using the European method before aging in oak barrels.

Full-bodied. Rounded.

An ideal match for "Syrah" lovers. 

Perfect with a meat dish.

The 2018 vintage was awarded a gold medal at the international competition - Mundus Vini 2020.

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To savor, discuss, and compare — do you prefer amber? red? European red? — let this tasting evening elegantly conclude the year 2023.

Touch history,

Embark on a journey,

And indulge in true hedonism:


If not now, when?

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