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Slow down in the last days before Christmas and sip the New Year atmosphere through glasses

The air is almost magical, with muted lights, shiny garlands on the windows, gifts wrapped in red satin ribbons, and the sparkling anticipation that soon friends will come.

The conversation starter today is wine.

Together, you choose where to begin:

— with the historical amber, aged in a clay vessel buried underground, as in the 7th century BC?

with the sentimental rose, accompanied by the perfect Georgian toast we've selected?

with the assertive red and its victorious story from the 18th century?

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Set of six wines traveled to California from the Koncho&Co winery in Kakheti, which has been creating wine since 1737, preserving traditional technologies, and faithfully accompanying Georgia's history.


Saperavi Qvevri — Dry red wine, made in a large clay vessel – qvevri


Kvareli — Dry red wine, made with the European method.


Saperavi Premium  Dry red wine made for victories


Saperavi Rose — dry rose wine for sweet memories. 


Mtsvivani Kakhuri Qvevri — dry amber wine. Decanter World Wine Awards Winner!


Kisi — off-dry white wine. More than just wine. It's a soul. 

Get to know the wine and its history


Dry red wine, made in a large clay vessel – qvevri ​​​

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The oldest qvevri was discovered in Tbilisi in the 6th millennium BCE

The master molds no more than 8 qvevris per month: there's no rushing here, as clay forgives no mistakes. Once the qvevri is ready and buried underground, it's filled with the future wine that will spend 6 months there: the earth maintains an ideal cool temperature (nature somehow knows how to make wine).

Then it matures for an additional 6 months in oak barrels before making its way to you from Kakheti.

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From the 7th century BCE, much has changed. Technologies emerged. And California.


The qvevri technology, like the Georgian soul, has endured without disruptions.


Now, you briefly pause the conversation to discern the complex aroma, notes of black mulberry and cherry, savor the gentle tannins, and experience the light acidity.

Take your time..


— Dry red wine, made with the European method

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In 1533, Kakheti, the Kvareli fortress bordered King Levan's castle. The wine was crafted here for the royal family. During wars, the fortress sheltered people, and the winery provided food for them.

Neither the loss of Georgia's independence, its restoration, nor conflicts halted the winery's operations, now named Koncho&Co.

From 1533 to 2023, it only paused for three years: 1921—1924.

This is the Georgian soul.

Kvareli is wine made from Saperavi grapes, hand-harvested. After traditional fermentation, it stays for 15 months in French oak barrels.

Thanks to the barrels,  King Levan, and 65-year-old vines, your glass holds a rounded, multifaceted, tasteful, and mood-lifting wine. You'll fall in love.

The 2018 vintage earned a gold medal at the international competition Mundus Vini 2020.


Dry red wine made for victories

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65-year-old vineyards. European production technology—18 months in French oak barrels. Color of ripe cherry, aroma of berries, vanilla, and oak, velvety aftertaste: recognized by those who tenderly love Cabernet Sauvignon.

And why the ram on the bottle?

Kochi—a black ram, pardoned by King Irakli in 1755 at our Kvareli Fortress. During an attempted capture of the fortress, the enemy failed. The saved townspeople presented the black ram as a gift.

"He will live as a symbol of today's victory," decided Irakli, ensuring a happy old age for the ram within the wine cellar's territory. After all, an animal that the king himself gave life to would never be threatened.

Now "Kochi" (meaning "black ram") is one of Georgia's generous compliments.

Kochi signifies a leader: assertive, strong, and created for victory.

Like us. Like you.


— dry rose wine for sweet memories 

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A well-known Georgian toast:

To sweet memories!

Say that toast with a playful smile, immersing yourself in images of the past. Enjoy. Savor.

Saperavi is one of the rare grape varieties with both red pulp and skin. This gives rise to an incredibly beautiful salmon-pink color, immersing you in romance.

Gentle and rich berry aroma, fruity taste, and slightly sparkling sensations. Getting your fill of it is as challenging as indulging in nostalgia for cherished times.


— dry amber (orange) wine with Georgian soul 

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During the Soviet era, winemakers were compelled to plant the most productive and easy-growing grape varieties. Mtsvivani Kahuri proved to be capricious, nearly disappearing as a result.

Koncho&Co revived Mtsvivani Kakhuri vines in the 2000s and began crafting natural amber wine from them.

6 months in qvevri, this skin-contact white wine takes on an amber hue and tannins typically found in red wines.


Aged in oak barrels for 12 months, it becomes lively, and aromatic, with hints of stone fruits, lemon, and rosemary. The aftertaste reveals green tea and dried fruits.

92 points from the Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) – the largest international wine competition.


— off-dry white wine: flirty and playful 

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Kakheti, eastern Georgia. Kisi grapes have been growing here since the 16th century, nurtured in stainless steel to transform into a refreshing, light wine reminiscent of Riesling. Peach, apricot, pear, tropical fruits, and hints of lemon are present.

More than just wine. It's a soul. It has traversed half the globe to be poured into your clinking glasses.

— This is our essence. Vine. Our country is very, very vinous.

It's so important to preserve your soul.

Soul, friendship, shared laughter, and joy.

Six wines — six heartfelt Georgian stories.

From Kakheti in 1737, they journeyed to California by the end of 2023, turning the evening into a gourmet adventure

No more questions:

— what to present to your close friend?

— how to uniquely surprise guests ?

Order wine with a fascinating story —
for your shared stories. 

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